TEMSHA CORP. has customers in many parts of the world.
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Our customers make purchases according to these categories:

  • Retail
    (No minimum order required for AVP labeled products.)
  • Wholesale
    (Purchasing large orders at a discount.)
  • Bulk
    (The purchase of Aloe Vera Juice and Aloe Vera Gelly in various sized containers.)
  • Private Label
    (Customers who sell AVP packaged products under their own label.)

For TEMSHA CORP., our customers are a family affair. We want to know your likes and dislikes and conduct ourselves accordingly. No matter how small the order, we treat everyone as an equal member of the family.

Here are some of our customers’ testimonials:

“…your Aloe Vera Gelly is fantastic! It has saved me twice from ending up in the emergency room for sunburn. Incidentally, I’ve tried others claiming to be the same, but they were far from it…”
– Ann L. G., CA.

“…After being told I would have to be operated on for an ulcer, I found your Aloe Vera Juice, which quickly made me feel better. A year later, after tests at the hospital, I was told the ulcer was gone…”
– Jack Bryant, Arvada, CO.

“…your Aloe Gelly is the best in the world. My husband used it on his facial skin cancer. In two months no trace was left. Also, your Lift Activator, Gelly and LC Minerals saved my eyes from glaucoma. I can’t say enough about the good and wonderful things that Aloe Vera has done for me. It would take forever to tell it all.”
– Elnora Brown, Memphis, TN.

“All the members of my family have used your Gelly for 1) diaper rash, 2) chapped cheeks and nose, 3) chafed hands, 4) mosquito bites and 5) cuts. I especially like the non-greasy feeling. It is a wonderful product, in every way. The only problem is, I can’t find it. Please tell me how to obtain more of your product.”
– J. J., CA.